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5 reasons why you must apply to the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program

  1. You are going to speed up the development of your start-up

You’ve created an innovative technology, set up a start-up and … it’s not exactly going as you planned it. Customers have not come to know your product yet, the money in your account is not multiplying at an avalanche rate, and investors are not queuing up in front of your office. Welcome to the reality of a startupper! Remember that the companies at an early stage of development – even those in possession of very innovative technologies – face many challenges. Lack of knowledge, experience or financial background are among the most common issues. Our role as the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is to accelerate the development of technological start-ups from the CEE region and help you turn great ideas into successful businesses. To this end, we have gathered a team of world-class experts and we have involved leading Polish and international companies. Together, we will help you move your start-up to a whole new level.

  1. You are going to verify your business assumptions

You have got a great product …. and you do not know what to do next? Or you might have already taken a certain path and are convinced that you should follow it. Let our experts look critically at your solution and business assumptions. You are going to have a team of outstanding specialists who have achieved spectacular successes in various industries and market sectors at your disposal. Our mentors, based on broad knowledge and extensive experience will give you advice on which directions to develop, how to position your product and which pricing strategy to implement so that you can start earning real money. Because of their knowledge and experience, you will not make simple mistakes. We know that each start-up is different, therefore, we offer tailored help and provide support of experts who know the specificity of a given industry. Trust us and you will go further than you could have dreamed of.

  1. You are going to establish business relationships with market leaders

While establishing your start-up, were you convinced that the largest players on the market would queue up to cooperate with you? Did you try to initiate meetings with corporate decision-makers yourself, believing that your super technology was the answer to their problems? If so, you were not the only one. Many young technological companies dream of commercial cooperation with large enterprises. However, the glass can be half full or half empty. While it seems to you that your solution can improve the functioning of large enterprises, their decision-makers do not have to be convinced about it. We have done the work for you, convincing decision-makers in leading Polish and international companies that it is worth establishing cooperation with innovative technological start-ups. Thanks to that, you will have the chance to win reference clients, and cooperation with them will open the way to even greater opportunities.

  1. You are going to meet fantastic people

Business relations are priceless. People you meet today can make essential decision about your business tomorrow. At the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, we believe that building long-term business relationships is the key to the development of start-ups. That is why we put an emphasis on organizing networking events. During acceleration, you will have the opportunity to meet a number of people from the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE environment, including representatives of partner companies, start-ups from previous editions of the program, potential business partners, investors and experts who will tell you how to develop your business. Being a part of an international organization, we have a global network of business contacts in many places around the world, which can turn out to be a great opportunity for the development of your start-up.

  1. You are going to fly to Boston

Do you dream about developing your business on the US market? Participation in the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program might be the first step to make your dreams come true. As part of each acceleration edition, five best start-ups are given the chance to participate in the weekly bootcamp in Boston. During the trip, start-ups have not only the opportunity to learn about the innovation ecosystem focused around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but also the opportunity to establish important business relationships with local entrepreneurs and present their technologies to investors from the USA. For many of them, this is the first serious step to business development on the American market.