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Adamed: technology, healthcare and pharma
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Adamed has been MIT EF CEE’s partner since its very inception in 2015. Back then, the organization was called MIT Enterprise Forum Poland. For more than 3 years, we have been actively supporting Polish participants developing technologies for the healthcare sector. But recently, we have realized that we did not have a good chance to introduce ourselves to the CEE region’s startups community. We hope that this blog post is going to change that.

A few words on Adamed

Adamed is a privately held Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, with over 30 years of experience, based on the scientific thought and a portfolio of patents. Currently, it manufactures about 500 products offered to the patients in 70 countries around the world. Through subsidiaries, Adamed operates in Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vietnam, Italy, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In 2001, Adamed pioneered drug discovery efforts among the Polish private pharmaceutical companies. For over 19 years, the company has been carrying out innovative R&D projects. It has established several scientific and industrial consortia with the leading universities and scientific institutes in the homeland and abroad. The company’s intellectual property is protected by almost 200 patents all over the world.

Our ambition is to discover novel effective, safe therapies for patients all over the world and to foster knowledge-based innovation.

What do we seek in a startup world?

Our technological interests extend beyond medicinal products and related technologies. Yet those still play an important part. We are open to drug discovery and repurposing efforts (exploring a novel indication for a known therapeutic moiety). We find interesting technologies that are meant to improve a current process of discovering and developing medicinal products. We also seek innovation and value for the patients in the new, original dosage forms and drug delivery technologies. Especially those that render products more convenient and improve patients’ adherence. Adamed would also gladly explore devices and applications targeting a problem of adherence or providing other clinical benefits on top of the pharmacological interventions.

Outside the pharma space, we consider therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices, with a software-as-a-medical device included. We look with an interest at an emerging technology of the so-called digital therapeutics. On the diagnostics side, we focus on the Point of Care or Point of Treatment solutions and the tools for monitoring health-related parameters, preferably in outpatients. Monitoring of potential side-effects of drugs and postoperative complications also fall inside our scope.

We believe that e-health is to become an important part of healthcare in the coming years and that is why we are open to the telemedicine solutions, especially when founded upon viable business models. In our view, medical simulation is similarly a very interesting field with a growing market and a continuous need for training of medical practitioners to keep up with the technology advancement.

Challenge accepted

Adamed always welcome disruptors who do not precisely fit into a wish list but develop unique technologies for a broadly defined healthcare sector with a likely product-market fit. As regards the characteristics we value the most among startups, we seek entrepreneurs that target a very precisely defined problem that originates from a truly existing unmet medical need or an inefficiency of the healthcare system. An MVP is not a must for us as we speak of deep-tech, capital intensive projects. On the other hand, we insist on a product or service scalability and ability to be offered in a sustainable way. Most importantly, we cherish the well-versed and balanced teams.

We suppose that, as a startup, you enjoy taking on challenges. Then, we are curious if you can:

  • come up with a concept of a novel indication for a known substance that would be patentable,
  • target a new population of patients with your innovative dosage form,
  • suggest a novel treatment for the Alzheimer’s Disease that will not rely on a beta-amyloid hypothesis,
  • propose a technology that would be a perfect match for one of our products and deliver a tangible value to the patients,
  • deliver a technology improving patients’ adherence being convenient and effective at the same time,
  • develop an off-patent medicinal product with a value added that would not require a pivotal trial to be granted marketing authorization.

Adamed’s offer to MITEF CEE participants

Our offering to startups features an access to Adamed’s laboratories, experts and mentors in various fields related to life science industry, both on the scientific and commercial side. Moreover, we are able to arrange the consults with the key opinion leaders in the therapeutic areas relevant to startups’ projects. We also offer access to market data and our network of reliable and proven service providers and suppliers. We assist in devising business models and go-to-market strategies for startup. And last but not least, we may become an investor in your startup. Ready to take up the challenge? Because we are!

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