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Innovation Culture: Definition, Tips & Best Practices

This article was created in cooperation with Netguru. In competitive environments, the pace of change, especially driven by many forms of new technologies, can overwhelm organizations of any size, from startups to enterprises. This is why building an innovation culture is critical in generating growth, managing risks, creating new opportunities, and future-proofing your business. Building […]

10 Steps of an Innovation Process

This article was created in cooperation with Netguru. Innovation is on everybody’s lips until the moment one has to take risks or change things up. Embarking on an innovation process can be intimidating when getting started. Employees can be skeptical especially when everyone is used to how they do their work. However, when innovation is […]

How is the Startup Ecosystem helping Ukraine?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world, but also united it in unwavering support for those in need. Our intern, David Ilonczai has rounded up some of the startup sector’s biggest ongoing contributions, as well as a few ways you can help directly. We’ve all surely experienced the impact of the invasion of Ukraine […]

30 accelerated start-ups and over 10 implementations with corporate partners. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE sums up 2021

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a global innovation platform, where the world’s leading corporations meet up with innovative startups to develop new business models, drive breakthrough projects, and hack innovative ideas together with startups. This year was no different, as we accelerated 30 technology startups across 2 rounds of our flagship acceleration program. However, we […]

Is This Product Sustainable? 10 Tips on Ensuring Product Sustainability

Today, product sustainability is essential for success. More and more governments are demanding it, and the average consumer actively expects it. The question for many businesses, however, is how to determine if they have a sustainable product in the first place. After all, there are many factors to consider and, when it comes to the […]

Can Startup Consulting Help Your Business Grow?

Startup consulting services are very prevalent, but many may dismiss such expenses at the early stage of their business. However, this can be a critical mistake. Every new business needs external guidance. For business startups, which typically navigate more challenging waters, the extra pair of hands can be a significant advantage – if used correctly. […]

Innovation Challenges – 7 Challenges Stopping Innovation in Your Organization

No matter how large or small, innovation challenges are essential hurdles to overcome. No business idea or model stays popular forever. In changing markets, the ability to adapt, change and come up with new solutions is essential. That said, a company’s internal organization can often be one of the largest challenges of innovation. A business […]

What is a Stealth Startup?

A stealth startup, as the name suggests, isn’t something that gets discussed very frequently. Yet, for venture capitalists and investors, stealth mode startups are a part of today’s reality – one that everyone should be aware of. We could say they’re simply startups with a sense of privacy, but that isn’t doing the concept justice. […]

Top trends in the transportation industry: Aerospace and rail technologies to watch out for in 2021

“In the struggle to maintain business continuity during a pandemic, companies in the transport sector rely on modern IT solutions that enable them to control the state of their fleets with fewer people. Work of virtual inspectors, prediction and prevention of failures thanks to sensor system, as well as more efficient management of resources are […]

Autonomous retail tech trends 2021

Karol Gajewicz, Żabka Imagine a store which you enter, take products off the shelves and leave without having to stand in a queue, interact with the seller, take out cash or a payment card. Due to current retail tech trends, such solutions are no longer the sphere of the imagination, but a real solution called […]

Demand-driven & fully automated pharmaceutical value chain. Physics of the impossible?

Bartłomiej Rodawski, Adamed Pharma Pharmaceutical supply chains are typically regarded as neither cost-effective nor flexible, especially when compared to those of other industries. [1]. Consequently, the pharma industry isn’t the best for finding examples of efficient supply chains, yet numerous best practices can be tracked in other sectors, such as the apparel, automotive and FMCG industries.  […]

Top Trends in ITSM Systems. What’s worth paying attention to in 2021?

The need to introduce remote working and its associated problems has made IT management systems within the organisation (the so-called ITSM) crucial to the transition and for maintaining the business continuity of companies. Intelligent ITSM solutions Automation and the use of artificial intelligence are currently dominant among the development trends of this type of solution. […]

The most popular trends in EAM systems. What’s worth paying attention to in 2021?

The possibilities offered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence dominate the current development trends of systems for enterprise asset management systems (EAM). Thanks to the latest technological achievements, it is now possible, for example, to improve the use of virtual technical inspectors and, even better, predict the probability of failure of given equipment. What are […]

Startups boost the progress in photovoltaics

Marcin Laskowski, MCX Group Renewable energy sources are an indispensable element of the energy policy of any country in today’s world. One of the fastest-growing sectors of renewable energy currently are photovoltaic installations. The intensive development of this industry, lasting for several years, resulted in an increase in the installed capacity in photovoltaic power plants […]

Can Artificial Intelligence invent our drugs?

Marcin Feder, Leader and manager of Data Analysis and Molecular Modeling Laboratory, Adamed Pharma Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the buzz terms that recently spread on headlines across both popular and speciality media. We’ve learned that AI can drive cars better than an average human, beat the best of us in games of chess […]

Innovator personality

Romeo Grzębowski, Extended Tools Is there a perfect personality profile for a Technology Startup Founder? What determines the success of a technology startup? Hundreds of thousands of books, programs, trainings, workshops, blogs and podcasts have been created about how to achieve success in business, or even how to successfully develop a startup. This is undoubtedly […]

How to choose a supplier of EAM and ITSM systems?

Vetasi EAM and ITSM are modern and intelligent systems that allow you to manage your company efficiently, even in difficult conditions. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown that such solutions ensure business continuity, but also contribute to profitability by using available resources. Once an EAM or ITSM system is in place, the improvements are so […]

5 Sustainable Businesses in 2021 & Their Best Practices

This article was created in cooperation with Joanna Pydo, C-Suite Advisor, Investor Relations, ESG In today’s business world, being responsible for environment and society is no longer an optional extra. When it comes to the attributes we value in companies, sustainability is moving higher and higher. This list of sustainable businesses covers 5 of the […]

Top 7 Communication Problems in the Workplace

Marcin Nowak, MCX Group Communication becomes more complex with each day, and especially in the workplace. What problems may occur in the workplace, how to identify and solve them? Here you will find the answers to these questions.  Most common communication challenges in the workplace As business grows and we start to engage with more […]

Smart Cities Challenges and Opportunities

Paweł Nowodziński, MCX Group Our cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and they are expected to add another 2.5 billion new residents by 2050. We are facing increasing infrastructure and environmental issues and growing demands from residents to provide a better quality of life. Therefore, smart city technologies have substantial […]

How does Energy Storage work?

Henryk Majchrzak, DSc, PhD, EngOpole University of Technology MCX Group Interested in energy storage? In this study, the author aims to delve into the topic of energy conservation and draws conclusions regarding the perspectives of using energy storage technologies. Discover the latest methods of energy storage! Introduction to battery energy storage The Transmission System Operator […]

Technology is dead

Chris Colbert (This post was orginally published here.) As we ponder the world of innovation and specifically FinTech innovation I suggest we start with making sure we are asking the right question(s). It’s my view that questioning is the root of all learning, all progress and all successful innovation, technological or otherwise. More specifically, are […]

How to start a pharmaceutical company?

Marcin Szczeciński, Adamed Business Models for pharmaceutical companies There are a couple of business models that a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical company can adopt. Product Based Model When someone says “a pharmaceutical company” we all typically think of giants like Pfizer or Roche. These guys pursue so-called Product Based Model in the format of the fully […]

Sustainability Challenges

Paweł Nowodziński, MCX Group We can find a large number of articles on sustainability challenges; books, white papers and so on. However, in simple words, sustainability means meeting our own needs [as a mankind] without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, there are social and […]

Magdalena Jabłońska CEO of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE about recruitment to the 4th edition of the program

On November 5, another group of carefully selected startups will start the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program. It is the 4th edition, for which the accelerator team searched for exciting solutions in Central and Eastern Europe to address corporate partners’ challenges. For the first time, the entire process, including recruitment, was carried out under […]

Why apply to the MIT ENTERPRISE FORUM CEE Startup Accelerator?

Are you the founder of a post-MVP tech startup? Do you come from Central and Eastern Europe? Do you want to prepare in the best way possible for the market launch, and meet potential customers and investors along the way? You’ve come to the right place! MIT Enterprise Forum CEE Startup Accelerator is a non-equity […]

Genomtec on the road to global commercialization.

These days, molecular diagnostics solutions require the user to be able to operate diagnostic equipment and know how to properly prepare the sample. Genomtec ID goes against the stream, combining mobility with the ease of testing. A simple and intuitive test could be performed by anyone and anywhere. Just apply a drop of biological material […]

Startup in a Shutdown

When you launched your startup, you probably did not anticipate a global shutdown due to a pandemic. I am sorry you are having to deal with the short- and long-term impact it will have on you and your business. I hope that this is the worst pandemic we experience in our lifetime. I hope it’s […]

Startups technology to fast track business digital transformation

A lot has changed in the last month, and that’s just putting things mildly. The world is changing as we speak, growing CoVID-19’s impact on the global economy. Some of these changes are only temporary in nature, other are here for good.Responding to CoVID-19 has seen many people and companies realize that it had more […]

Maintaining Business Continuity in the times of COVID-19

The state of epidemic and multiple restrictions and prohibitions implemented during previous weeks in Poland have turned many businesses upside down. Limiting freedom of movement, banning many types of business activities (such as gastronomy, entertainment, shopping centres etc.) and moving many other services to the on-line sphere may result in challenges that many small and […]

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE startups battle the coronavirus

Patient support by means of telemedicine, a chatbot service with up-to-date information from the Ministry of Health, remote rehabilitation and respiratory examination – these are some of the solutions developed by Polish startups that participated in the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program and now have the capabilities necessary to support the medical/healthcare sector and […]

The power of MIT Enterprise Forum elite ecosystem

It is said that tech startups are the born-global firms. That seems to be a fair statement as most of the technology developed by tech entrepreneurs has a worldwide potential. The services and solutions developed by the startup founders are designed to work on a global scale. With just a few adjustments, of course. In […]

The power of Boston Bootcamp by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

Make your American Dream come true! All startups know that it is not enough to focus business strategy on Poland or even the EU region. One needs a global strategy. Only then it is possible to attract quality investors. But how to do it? It is easier said than done. Boston Bootcamp by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

PZU: How, together with startups, are we increasing the innovation of the largest financial group in the CEE region?

At PZU, we test and implement over a dozen innovative solutions developed together with startups every year. That’s why we effectively change the organization and support clients using the latest technologies. Most of all, we develop joint projects with startups from the areas of big data, digitization or new interactions with clients. MIT Enterprise Forum […]

Co-opetition, our path for putting the spotlight on Central and Eastern Europe

The partnership between MIT EF CEE Accelerator and InnovX Xelerator can be very well be described as a functional Coopetition (a neologism coined to describe cooperative competition, a portmanteau of cooperation and competition). Even if this is just the start, we are confident that by strengthening this bridge, we will help innovative startups scale faster […]

The best way to confirm the effectiveness of your business model is MIT EF CEE – ChallengeRocket’s talent recruitment method case study

The MIT EF CEE programme helped us validate the entire model of ChallengeRocket’s hiring platform. As a result, we can be more effective in helping HR professionals worldwide match the best candidates to their open job positions. Faster. More effectively. Based on proven skills confirmed by unbiased AI assessment.

Adamed: technology, healthcare and pharma

Adamed has been MIT EF CEE’s partner since its very inception in 2015. Back then, the organization was called MIT Enterprise Forum Poland. For more than 3 years, we have been actively supporting Polish participants developing technologies for the healthcare sector. But recently, we have realized that we did not have a good chance to […]

Challenges insurers need to overcome for the digital transformation

For decades insurance market has been slower in the adoption of new business solutions (not just digital once) than banks, telco and FMCG – which gave insurers the nickname of a “conservative industry” especially in view of the increasing trend of digitization and innovation in other markets. This might be explained by a few root […]

Mothballed patents? Commercialization of technology at universities

Lack of sufficient funds to protect intellectual property, large disproportion between national and international patents, rectors underestimating the role of cooperation between science and business. The system of commercialization of technology at universities is to a large extent inefficient and requires further changes.  Art for art’s sake Widespread access to patent database analysis software allows […]


Every stage of product’s development needs your time, knowledge and money. Especially money are important. Wide scope of programmes, gives an opportunity to find external financing for start-up companies.   Setting up own business, especially when it is focused on implementation of new, innovative ideas is a great opportunity. At the same time, building business […]


Are you looking for an effective acceleration program that will help you develop your startup, acquire the knowledge necessary to run your business, and establish important international business relations? We are implementing the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program for people like you. We have helped to develop over 120 tech startups and now we can […]

Future of HR tech – an emerging opportunity for start-ups

The HR industry is among those with the highest number of future challenges and one of the most dynamically developing fields in business today. As a result human resources departments are facing perhaps their biggest transformation ever. Business and technology-wise, the upcoming disruption will impact workforce significantly. The role of HR will become far more […]


Do you have a science and tech startup? Do you come from Central and Eastern Europe and want to accelerate the development of your business? You’ve come to the right place! By reading this, you may not even realize that you are only a step away from changing your future and the future of your […]

Are you from the CEE region and have a technology start-up?Check why it is worth developing a business in Poland and how we can help you do it!

Recruitment for the autumn edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator, addressed to young technology companies from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe is underway. Start-ups that qualify for the project will undergo a three-month acceleration process, receive co-financing for the development of activities in the amount of up to 50,000 Euros and have […]

5 reasons why you must apply to the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program

You are going to speed up the development of your start-up You’ve created an innovative technology, set up a start-up and … it’s not exactly going as you planned it. Customers have not come to know your product yet, the money in your account is not multiplying at an avalanche rate, and investors are not […]


The admissions to the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator, addressed to start-ups from Poland and fourteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Romania, Estonia and Ukraine started on 15 January this year. The project is supported by leading Polish and international companies. We talk with Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration MIT Enterprise Forum […]

Pitching: how to inspire people to help you achieve your goals

How to make a perfect pitch? Delivering the perfect pitch is very demanding. The idea is to present your startup in a very short time (for example 3 minutes). Covering all your research, accomplishments, team, market and your secret sauce that makes it all 10x better than 1000 companies doing just the same in 3 […]

The greatest challenges faced by startups developing medical technologies – part 2

Innovative startups developing medical technologies are increasingly marked on the market, but their effective development is determined by many factors. Last week Marcin Szczeciński, Investment Manager at Adamed Technology Sp. z o.o. focused on legal regulations and the specificity of the market as elements that young companies should pay attention to if they want to […]

The greatest challenges faced by startups developing medical technologies – part 1

Innovative startup technologies knock on every door today, including those with the “health” inscription. More and more often it turns out that thanks to them we do not have to go to the doctor every time the body temperature exceeds 36.6 degrees by a few bars. However, it is worth remembering that the creators of […]

Startups about the Boston Bootcamp

10 incredibly innovative young technological companies and 7 days in Boston. Numerous lectures, workshops and networking meetings, hundreds of people and thousands of possible opportunities. And all this in the shadow of one of the world’s best technology universities — the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We asked the participating startups about the impressions from this […]

Crowdfunding – is it worth it?

The world’s largest crowdfunding platform can be found in the UK, but more and more projects of this type are appearing on the Polish market. Can they be an attractive source for obtaining investments for further business development to a technological startup, and if so, why? — we are attempting to answer these questions in […]

Commercialization of intellectual property – how to be successful?

Commercialization of intellectual property – how to be successful? Innovativeness of solutions is a basic and inseparable element of the functioning of technology startups. However, as emphasized by advocate Daniel Hasik from the office of intellectual property law ‘Hasik Rheims i Partnerzy’, you can have a good idea, but not implement it correctly. Find out […]

10 surprising technologies that can make a difference

Futuristic visions of the future are much closer to us than it might seem at first glance, and technologies seen in science fiction films or books are increasingly becoming real. We present 10 interesting ideas and solutions from all over the world, which have a chance to radically change the way we function. Intelligent newsrooms […]

Millennials and insurance – what is worth remembering whilst developing insurtech solutions for Generation Y

The Millennials generation, which constitutes a new and growing group of recipients of insurance products, is becoming more and more present on the market. Today, insurers face a great challenge of tailoring their offers to the needs of young people who, as Małgorzata Kostecka from Nationale-Nederlanden emphasizes, think in completely different categories than their parents […]

The AgriTech sector in Poland and globally – an opportunity for technological start-ups

The world’s agri-food industry is systematically evolving and becoming increasingly open to modern technologies. The challenges faced by companies in the sector go far beyond what has been set out so far and include meeting social objectives, reducing negative environmental impacts, attracting skilled workers and meeting the diverging expectations of producers and buyers and processors. […]

Design Sprint, in other words, five days to define, design and test solutions for business challenges

Entrepreneurship is all about solving challenges we face in business. Customers do not use our software, they do not visit our website, they are not satisfied with our service. How do you deal with such situations? The usual approach is to conduct a situation analysis, create idea, decide, build a solution and test it. The […]

Innovations needed — how to find an idea for a startup?

“I want to start my own business” — these are the words often spoken by people who want to start their own business. The heads of enthusiasts and future entrepreneurs are swarming with many, sometimes crazy ideas. How to find an innovation that has a chance of success and choose an idea that will turn […]

The success consists of many components – Genomtec’s case study

Each startup is different and each business needs a specific type of support in the subsequent stages of its development. As Miron Tokarski, the founder of the Genomtec startup, points out, it is important to realise one basic thing – what we need in order to succeed. The startup is one of the 5 winners […]

Wonder women of business – female successful start-ups

According to the Boston Consulting Group research conducted on enterprise accelerators, out of 350 investments in start-ups, nearly 3/4 concerned companies run by men. What’s more, these enterprises also received co-financing in the amount higher by half on average than the companies managed by women. It may seem that the technology industry favours businesses run […]

How to run an effective sales operation, whilst being a tech startup?

Quite often it happens that people who have never sold anything in their lives, start their very own company. Many young entrepreneurs lack B2B experience in sales. That is why it is crucial to systematize one’s knowledge about this process. Check the videos below to find out what technological startups should do – step by […]

Protect your property: protection of intellectual and industrial property rights in a technological start-up

For young entrepreneurs, setting up their own business activity is often connected with making essential decisions and incurring important costs. Start-ups often consider the expenses on intellectual and industrial property protection unnecessary.  However, as it is emphasized by the experts – Anna Piechówka, Attorney at Hasik Rheims & Partners and Adam Pawłowski, Patent Attorney at […]

Leader and team in a start-up – a guide to successful talks with investors

A well-established team with a leader plays an important role in developing business operations. If you want to be successful in talks with potential investors, you must ensure proper team organization or structure.  Work hard, believe to what you want to achieve and prove you’re truly committed – only then will you become successful – […]

Making insurance smarter, quicker and cheaper

Insurance is a rather conservative industry and insurance companies have not paid enough attention to modernization. Insurance is usually sold by agents to then be  processed and administered in complicated and often cumbersome ways. Due to a large number of IT systems and elaborate processes there are many inefficiencies. The degree of automatization in claims […]

Why teamwork is so important in innovative projects and startups, and what effective team building is all about?

Success in business is not only about a good idea, motivation and determination to act. Above all, there are people behind every victory. As emphasized by Romeo Grzębowski, the president of the Extended Disc Polska management board and partner in Time for team, a well-functioning team is built primarily on mutual trust. Check how team […]

The first legal steps for a technology startup

When starting your own business, it may seem that the main issue is having a unique idea that stands a chance for market success. However, as emphasized by Michał Bogacz, senior manager at the law firm Olesiński & Wspólnicy which is a partner supporting the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program, in order to achieve success, […]

Network always and everywhere?

Conferences, trade fairs, events – some enthusiastically participate in them, while others prefer to steer clear of them. Meanwhile, business events are a mine of contacts from which you can create a network that is useful to every entrepreneur. How do you take advantage of such occasions, to bring benefits to your business? How do […]

Where do we get money to develop a startup?

You have an idea for a business, you’ve decided to start your own business. This is just the beginning of a difficult journey, throughout which you have to answer many of your own important questions. For many young entrepreneurs, the key issue is how to raise funds for growing a business. Where to go? What […]

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