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Digital Nations – opening the global gateway to Technology

This webinar is a unique opportunity for businesses, startups, investors, accelerators and incubators to gain a global-level view into the world of innovation and identify how they can best be part of it.

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The role of governments in making their nations attractive to the tech ecosystem cannot be underestimated. Israel transformed itself into a start-up nation brand, as did Estonia. Government policy and close cooperation with businesses are key ingredients in allowing for a culture of innovation, one of the economic drivers of the current day.

In this webinar, we present different perspectives and journeys from several different nations – we take a deep dive into best practices in creating tech ecosystems on a national level, that allow in turn for businesses to be global – by attracting investment, by implementing the necessary logistics and – importantly – creating a culture of innovation.

We jump into a case study about how Israel transformed its identity and reformed as a Digital Nation from Andy David, Innovation Task Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel Aviv, and then open up to a panel discussion on best practices where Andy David will be joined by Joel Gladwin, Director at Taso Advisory and a Policy Fellow at the Coalition for a Digital Economy and Daniel Bajer, Director for Business Development, Enterprise Estonia.

This event is organized under the patronage of: The Embassy of Isreal in Poland, The Israel Economic & Trade Mission to Poland, The Embassy of Estonia Warsaw and Enterprise Estonia

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📣 Join us for an exclusive webinar: “Digital Nations – opening the global gateway to Technology” on May 31, 2023, at 3:00 PM CEST! 🌍🚀