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Do you have a science and tech startup? Do you come from Central and Eastern Europe and want to accelerate the development of your business? You’ve come to the right place! By reading this, you may not even realize that you are only a step away from changing your future and the future of your startup. We would like you to participate in a unique acceleration project. Leading Polish and international companies and eminent experts who have achieved spectacular successes in international business are involved in its implementation. And all this under the flag of one of the world’s best technology universities – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

What can you lose? Nothing, since participation in the project is completely free. What can you gain? Read on and find out what benefits are associated with participating in the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program!


Do you strive for acquiring a strategic client that will not only be solvent, but will also give your fledgling company references that open the door to other strategic clients? Not only you! That is why so many founders of startups dream of establishing cooperation with large enterprises – leaders of various industries and market sectors! Is this a mutual dream? Not always! This can be confirmed by many startups who have bounced off the corporate gates! We have gone this path for you. We have managed to reach leading Polish and international companies and not only encouraged them to open to commercial cooperation with young businesses, but also convinced them that startups are worth taking care of. That is why our Partners, depending on your needs, will open their laboratories and factories, provide you with unique know-how and broadly understood infrastructure, and offer substantive support from their best experts. They are also very likely to become your first strategic clients.


Your first association with the idea of a workshop that of boredom and a waste of time? It’s time to change the approach! Just relax, we will help you do this! Welcome to the workshops implemented within the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program! First of all, we offer you a comprehensive program of 24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship developed by Prof. Bill Aulet from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This way, you can gain qualifications that will help you achieve market success. Working on the next steps will not only significantly increase your chances for a successful debut, but also help you indicate the skills needed for your entire team – especially in the key, fledging stage. In addition, we offer participation in workshops carried out by the best Polish trainers, during which you will deepen your knowledge of law, patent protection, marketing, teambuilding and sales. The curriculum has been structured to address practical issues related to the development of startups. Our Boston expert, Dr. Linda Plano, will teach you how to master the presentation of your technology to potential customers, business partners and investors.


Before they achieve market success, startups face many challenges at an early stage of development, even those with unique technologies.  The problems are often connected with lack of knowledge, experience and financial background. The role of the accelerator is to support startups in overcoming these barriers and help turning a great idea into a real business. We assume that each startup is different and an individual approach to each team is necessary for the acceleration to bring the expected results in the form of further dynamic development. That is why over one hundred mentors are involved in the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program. Why so many? To choose from those who know the specificity of the industry you operate in. Our mentors, based on their extensive knowledge and many years of experience, will advise you on the areas you could develop, indicate how you should position your product and recommend the pricing strategy to implement so that you can start earning real money. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you will not make basic mistakes.


Lack of money is one of the main problems of startups, especially at the beginning of operations, when there are a lot of needs. Therefore, thanks to the grants awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under Measure 2.5 SGOP Acceleration Programs, the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program provides participants with financial support for the development of activities up to 50,000 Euro. To make things clear – this is not money that could be spent on any purpose. We give them so that you can, for example, adapt your technology to the needs of a large enterprise in which the piloting of your solution will be carried out. What for? Among other things, to give you the opportunity to establish commercial cooperation with such an enterprise and gain the first strategic client. Additionally, if you qualify for the program, you will be able to benefit from funding for individual advisory services in the field of law, patent protection, HR, team building, sales etc. up to 10,000 Euro. You will be given the opportunity to choose the advice you need most.


In Poland, it is said that one cannot succeed without connections. And this is somewhat true, of course in the positive sense. You never know how the relationships you make today could benefit tomorrow, in a week or next year. We believe that one of the factors determining the effective development of startups is extensive and diversified networking. During acceleration, you will have the opportunity to meet a number of people from the environment of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, including representatives of partner companies, startups from previous program editions, potential business partners and investors or experts. You will have a chance to talk to them about the development of your business. In addition, the five best startups will take part in the weekly Bootcamp in Boston, where they will have the opportunity to present their solutions to investors from the USA and establish business relations that may result in the future development of their businesses on that market.

Worth it? Of course! Do not hesitate and apply to the autumn edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program today. We are waiting for your application by June 30. The application form, program regulations and information on information meetings can be found at