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Why apply to the MIT ENTERPRISE FORUM CEE Startup Accelerator?
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Are you the founder of a post-MVP tech startup? Do you come from Central and Eastern Europe? Do you want to prepare in the best way possible for the market launch, and meet potential customers and investors along the way? You’ve come to the right place! MIT Enterprise Forum CEE Startup Accelerator is a non-equity tech accelerator, part of the global network of accelerators connected to Technology Review of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We help Founders prepare for the market launch of their startup better than they could imagine. In order to get on board this most business oriented startup Accelerator in Europe, you have to apply to get a seat. We invite applications by July 5th 2020 here: Click to enroll

Let’s start from answering the BIG question – How do we do it?

24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship

This unique framework, developed by prof. Bill Aulet from MIT Sloan School, is a comprehensive and practical way to confront all assumptions you have made about your business. We do not know a single participant who did not pivot some aspect of their business while undergoing the 24 steps. During the 6 workshops lasting in total 2 months, you work on your business, receive feedback from the trainers, business experts and other participants. Ultimately, you end up with a better constructed business engine.

Access to business experts

Do you dread selling? Not every tech founder is a skilled salesperson. We help you overcome this fear.

Can you pitch your idea in 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and keep the listener’s undivided attention? The Pitching Academy with Linda Plano is a five star program that will train you to pitch like you were born to sell.

Can you communicate events taking place in your business in such a compelling way that people will follow you, media will cover it, while your clients, investors, and employees will be listening to you? Clear and effective communication is at the core of any business’s success. We will help you master the essentials.

You might need strategic marketing assistance, legal or IP assistance, we have experts ready to help you in these fields too.

 Getting customers

MIT EF CEE entered into partnerships with leading corporations very interested in bringing new technological solutions to their companies. Thanks to this, you will be able to test your product in their environment, improve it, and if all goes well, acquire them as your clients. Review carefully the needs of our corporate partners, and make sure your solution satisfies well our partners’ needs.


Our mentors, based on their extensive knowledge and many years of experience, will challenge and steer your thinking in a Socratic way. They are there as a sounding board to help you overcome issues at hand. With them guiding you, you will never make basic mistakes.

Non-dilutive Funding

Thanks to the grants awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under Measure 2.5 SGOP Acceleration Programs, the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program provides participants with financial support for the development of activities up to EUR 30,000. To make things clear – this is not money that could be spent on any purpose. What is it for? To give you the opportunity to establish commercial cooperation with a large enterprise and gain the first strategic client.

Global ecosystem for international scaleups

Your network of relationships will be dramatically expanded through other participants, corporate partners, mentors, business advisors. This ecosystem will later help you get answers quicker and from the right source. A good network saves you precious time, puts you in touch with the best people, and improves the chances of your success. MIT EF CEE is expanding its network of international connections to make it easier for you to get introductions and scale internationally.

Boston Bootcamp

The top five startups in any edition win the opportunity to participate in the weeklong bootcamp in Boston, which has been voted by many as the best part of acceleration.

Is it worth it? Of course! Do not hesitate and apply to the autumn edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program today. We are waiting for your application by 5th July. Click to enroll The application form, program regulations, and advice how and where to meet us can be found at

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    Recruitment for Autumn 2023 StartSmart CEE Acceleration Program is closed.

    Recruitment for the Autumn 2023 edition is closed, subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about the start of the next Acceleration and other opportunities.

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