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MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a CEE based, equity-free startup acceleration program affiliated to the worldwide recognized Massachusetts Institute of Technology that provides financial, legal and consultancy support to startup founder from the CEE region. The aim of the program is to support the development of the most innovative startups from Central and Eastern Europe by combining their potential with the knowledge and resources of leading global and regional enterprises and the experience of Polish and international mentors, helping startups to scale up on international markets, primarily in the United States.

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Key Dates

Applications: May 9th – Jun 30th 2022
Applications selection: Jul 5th – Oct 4th 2022
Program start: Oct 26th 2022
Demo Day: Jan 12th 2023

Program Criteria

  • We invite technological startups from all around the world that have innovative solutions or services in one of the following areas: Health, Foodtech/Agritech, Sustainability, Industry 4.0, Enterprise Software, Fintech/Insurtech, Martech, Smart City, Retail & Autonomous Store, Big Data.
  • Startups with solutions already validated by the market are more than welcome. To be considered, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) must be demonstrated.
  • Founders must be prepared to collaborate with at least one of the program partners.

Find out more about our partners’ technologies of interest.

The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE delivers a CEE-based, equity-free startup acceleration program. Participants benefit from a proven approach that has led to fast and efficient scaleup for dozens of startups.

Our accelerator is affiliated with the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Participants get training based on the strategies and tactics taught at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. We provide high-value support in finance, law and business via consultants from the CEE region and beyond. Our mission is to help you to build a robust value proposition, then enter and scale in international markets, primarily in the United States.

Our headquarters is based in the center of the vibrant startup ecosystem of Warsaw. Since our founding in 2015, other accelerators have emerged, co-working spaces have multiplied rapidly, new investment funds have been launched, and dozens of exciting companies have been founded.

No startup thrives in a vacuum! We have over 100 alumni startups from our acceleration program, some of whom serve as mentors to current editions, adding to our mentor pool of dozens of experienced professionals in business, technology and other areas. Our workshops are delivered by subject matter experts with a passion for helping startups to succeed. And our partners represent some of the most influential companies in the region.

The MIT EF CEE acceleration workshops are delivered in a HubHub co-working space that also hosts the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Venture Cafe on a regular basis. Our Demo Days are held at Google Campus Warsaw, which includes diverse facilities for entrepreneurs. And the top startups in the accelerator are invited to participate in our annual Boston Bootcamp, featuring an intense agenda of activities in one of the leading US ecosystems for entrepreneurs.

Our accelerator programming is based on a proven processes developed by successful serial entrepreneurs based at the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Business. We also benefit from being a member of the network of MIT Enterprise Forum chapters around the world. Our industry-leading corporate partners provide exciting opportunities for participants in the acceleration program to test your prototypes.

At the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, we have built a robust communications platform connecting young high-tech companies with large enterprises in support of our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. This approach not only provides our startups with excellent access to market giants, but also provides mutual benefits:

  • Corporate benefits: Established local, regional and multinational corporations gain immediate and early access to the most innovative technologies and startups in the CEE, providing them with new and better solutions for their customers and operations.
  • Startup benefits: Startups gain early direct feedback from potential customers and partners, thereby getting crucial insights to refine their solutions, earn testimonials and referrals, and establish commercial contracts.

Don’t miss out! Apply today to participate in the next edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program and become part of the world’s most engaging, entrepreneur-focused and proven programs for effective acceleration of your innovation from exciting prototype to international success.

Acceleration Program Timeline 2022

MAY 9TH 2022

start of recruitment

JUNE 30TH 2022

end of recruitment


evaluation of startups


interviews with applicants


of startups


acceleration begins


demo day

Program Partners



What an excellent way to grow from a small idea to a great business. Thank you so much for all.



For us participation in the program was a very valuable experience. First of all, it allowed us to look at our plan from a different perspective, which is very useful when you’re launching a new product or solution to the market.

Michał Krużycki DEBN


Acceleration proved to be a very helpful tool for business development not only from the point of view of cooperation with large companies. Startups get a lot of support while creating their business plan or financial forecasts.

Aleksander Mokrecki Vortex Oli Engineering


MIT EF CEE program helped us to validate the entire model ofChallengeRocket Hiring platform. Thanks to it we can be more effective in helping HR professionals worldwide to match the best candidates for their open job positions faster and more effectively. Based on proven skills evidenced by unbiased AI assessment.

Tomasz Florczak


Thanks to the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program we were able to establish cooperation with one of program’s main partners – PZU. It was a great opportunity for further development of both our technology and our company from the business point of view.

Piotr SmolenSymmetrical AI


Participation in numerous networking events along with communication with experts, mentors, and tech colleagues at MIT Enterprise Forum cleared up for us the strong connection between the tech team and business operations. The program allowed us to better understand business processes as well as gave us a couple of ideas on how to manage tech teamwork closer to business needs.

Vitalii TolkachovRaccoon


Poland has an incredible talent but it still requires nurturing and professionalization. And so
does the whole startup ecosytem. I believe MIT Enterprise Forum CEE has been doing a great job so far bringing businesses to Poland and exporting our best innovations abroad.

Michał Gąsior Mentor


There are always real people with their needs, attitudes and talents behind every successful business. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE focuses not only on technology, sales and legal aspects as most of the start-up accelerators. It also gives you a lot of insights on Leadership, communication and team dynamics of your organization.

Romeo GrzębowskiMentor


What awaits you on the path of growth is something that most probably we already dealt with. Join MIT EF CEE program to get the expertise. We don’t want new entrepreneurs to fall into the same traps that we did!

Bartosz GonczarekMentor


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is an unique opportunity for startups to bring their expansion and investment strategies to the next level.

Grégory Montenot Mentor


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a must hub for Polish ventures to interact with global experts and accelerate to additional markets.

Tal SharonMentor


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a great platform for giving back to entrepreneurs who deserve it. An eye-opening journey for both startups and mentors.

Joanna PydoMentor


For us, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know with the newest technologies, as well as for startups this is the best place to learn how to scale a business.

Wojciech DudziakPZU


We appreciate the international network and experience. The startups participating are well-prepared and well-mentored and we are sure to achieve a common success.

Małgorzata KosteckaNationale-Nederlanden


It is not a program that comes and goes, it is the program that persists. MIT EF CEE has a unique ability to attract best startups and offers top quality workshops and mentors, which is a tremendous value for startups.

Marcin SzczecińskiAdamed


One sentence should summarize all reasons to work with MIT EF CEE: Proffesional support to startups that can match the goals of your business.

Grzegorz Sochacki MDI Energia


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a global, elite program.

Daniel GuetatMCX Group


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is the best acceleration program in Poland. We chose it, because we made market research and we truly believe that this is the best option for us.

Bartosz WasilonekSollers Consulting