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Help Us Take Customer Engagement to New Heights

We’re looking for startups that leverage the latest technology to help increase customer engagement.

Customer Engagement
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Develop Your Customer Engagement Solution with MIT EF CEE’s Accelerator Program

Customer engagement is one of the biggest business challenges for any business. 


At our Accelerator Program, we’re looking for startups looking for ways to boost sales, activate customers more efficiently, and increase their brand loyalty. 


During the Program, you’ll work alongside one of our corporate partners on building your proof of concept and scaling your idea. 


You’ll also get access to resources, R&D support, networking opportunities, and expertise you need to turn your idea into a business and establish its market position.

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Why join our Customer Engagement Accelerator Program?

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Get Mentored

Work alongside business professionals and industry experts. Get marketing, business, and tech insights and advice and leverage it to scale your business faster. 

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Test Your Idea At Scale

Leverage your partner’s vast resources to test how your innovation performs in a real business scenario.

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Access Critical Data

Get access to a wealth of customer engagement and behavior data from your accelerator partner. Use it to optimize and improve your product.

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Get Development Support

Tap into your corporate partner’s R&D resources and get the support you need to speed up the development of your solution.

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Give Your Startup a Credibility Boost

Work alongside the biggest names in your industry. “Borrow” their brand credibility and build a trust-worthy brand even before your product hits the market.

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Grow Without Losing Equity

Join an MIT-affiliated Startup Accelerator Program, access a wealth of resources, and grow your startup while keeping 100% ownership over your startup.

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Scale Internationally

Get a chance to win tickets to our Berlin or London Startup Expansion Week. Network with potential investors and service providers, and scale your business internationally.

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Win $100K to Scale Your Infrastructure

Top performers in each cohort get a chance to win up to $100K in extra Amazon Cloud credits.

Our Corporate Partners

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Żabka Group

Żabka Group is Poland’s biggest chain of convenience stores,the leader of its market segment, and Poland’s ultimate convenience ecosystem. As of 2023, with over 9300 stores it’s present in almost all towns and cities nationwide. Thanks to a wide-range of services aimed at simplifying people’s lives, with over 3 million daily customers and a stunning 93% brand awareness, it’s one of the most recognizable and trusted Polish brands.

Challenge: Find innovative ways to increase customer engagement in a retail environment. The goal is to more effectively activate customers and help turn that engagement into higher sales.
Challenge: Leverage the popularity of the Zappka app and create features that can help increase customer engagement.

Who should apply?

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Your Idea Is Original and Innovative

There are thousands of startups operating in the customer engagement industry. What makes your idea different from all those looking to scale?

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Your Idea Answers Our Partner’s Needs

Your idea should address one of our corporate partner’s key challenges (and be able to potentially solve it).

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Prove the Potential of Your Idea

To get admitted, your idea needs to have market traction or at least a functioning, testable prototype.

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You’re Looking to Commercialize Your Idea

You’re open to bringing the idea to market by entering a commercialization agreement with your corporate partner.

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    Help Our Corporate Partner Skyrocket their Customer Engagement

    High customer engagement is the key to building long-term brand loyalty and increasing sales.


    At MIT EF CEE, we’re working with established businesses that are looking for innovative startups that can help them solve their customer engagement challenges. 


    If you have an innovative idea that can help our partners improve their customer engagement in areas that are critical to them – apply today to Poland’s only MIT-affiliated Startup Accelerator Program

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    Application Guide

    Download our Application Guide and learn all you need about the admission process. 


    Find out the exact requirements you need to fulfill, including key application dates and essential documents.

    Download Application Guide Download

    Rules & Regulations

    Access the rules and guidelines governing our Startup Accelerator Programs. Find out whether your startup satisfies the necessary formal requirements to participate.

    Check the Regulations Document Check out
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    Create Positive Change and Win €25,000 CVC Young Innovator Award

    If you (or one of your key team members) are under 30, and your innovation can potentially have a big social impact, you get a chance to win the CVC Young Innovator Award. The money – €25,000 – can be used towards building your innovation.

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    Grow your Customer Engagement Innovation with MIT EF CEE Acceleration Program

    Years of experience and 270 success stories have taught us a lot about scaling startups. 


    Apply today to one of our Accelerator Programs, let us help you scale yours, and become our next success story!

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