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Human medicinal products (novel drugs – small molecules and biomolecules, value added generics, novel indication for known substances, biosimilars, biobetters, advanced therapy medicinal products)

• Drug delivery and dosage forms technologies
• Technologies improving patients’ compliance
• Technologies supporting drug discovery and development process (including clinical trials)
• New therapeutic targets
• API manufacturing technologies
• Specialized nutrition foods and dietary supplements
• Digital therapeutics
• Bioinformatics
• Medical simulation
• Telemedicine technologies, including diagnosis and therapy
• Adverse events and complications monitoring
• Diagnostic imaging technologies as well as diagnostics based on other detection techniques (primarily for Point of Care)
• Point of Care in vitro diagnostics (IVD)
• Actionable biomarkers
• Advanced materials technologies in medicine, including hybrid materials incorporating cells and tissues
• Synthetic biology in medicine
• Regenerative medicine technologies
• Sensors with applicability in med-tech space


We believe that known molecules may feature clinically important benefits that can be extracted through novel indications, dosage forms, drug delivery technologies or the new routes of administration, and translated into value-added medicinal products. We are also convinced that utilization of these and other innovative technologies can improve patients’ adherence. Yet, we understand that some medical needs require identifying novel active substances and developing innovative drugs. We’re fully supportive of teams with such ambitious efforts.




• How to drive sales/engagement in e-commerce channel? Food aggregators, e-shops
• How to engage consumers more?
• How to improve merchandising?
• How to increase sale of specific products?
• How to connect e-sport with customer activations?
• How to influence consumers’ shopping path?
• How to remotely administer replenishment?
• How to remotely administer promo actions in reference to sell out in real time?
• How to use AI in retail to increase sales of beverages?


• How to close a packaging loop and give them second life?
• How to engage consumers to build together World Without Waste? We want to collect and recycle 100 proc. equivalent of packaging put into consumer.
• It’s your turn – decide if the bottle you bought will be thrown to yellow been. How to engage consumers in the process of taking sustainable decisions
• Innovative methods to clean / segregate the returnable PET into re-processing of PET
• How to establish production of biogas from waste water from sludge created in biological wastewater plant
• Heat recovery projects in manufacturing plants where pasteurization, boilers, coolers are used – innovative approaches
• Innovative programs of behavioral based approach to savings across organization – to make people think about little steps
• Innovative technology of chemical processing of returned PET, which breaks polymers into monomers and allows to receive back food grade PET material, close or same as virgin
• Clean energy generation – possibilities in areas where the wind generators cannot be used, alternative ways to receive clean energy (not only certificates)


• How to improve efficiency/yield in biogas production process?
• How to ensure the stability of production and how to improve the quality of biogas produced from different source materials (waste from agri-food industry): using economically justified technologies for pre-treatment of “difficult” substrates, i.e. those requiring grinding, thermal or thermal-pressure treatment, using economically justified technologies for the removal / binding of excess ammonium nitrogen in fermentation chambers, using installations for measuring dry matter, protein, fat or carbohydrate content in the flow?
• How to automatize the biogas production process from source material (waste) collection to efficient fermentation?
• How to improve the potential impact of biogas plants on the local environment using effective biological or chemical agents for odor neutralization and using appropriate method of receiving and storing odorous substrates?
• How to help the local farmers to deal with the drought by taking advantage of biogas plants?
Innovative solutions for heat usage produced in biogas plants,


• Solar cells based on new materials and other technologies allowing for energy generation from solar sources,
• New technologies allowing for improving efficiency of energy generation and other operational characteristics of conventional solar cells,


• How to generate savings or be more efficient using information systems – smart metering, remote meter reading, smart systems / grids?
• Developing software for automatic meter reading (electricity, gas, heating, water) covering AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology, functionalities to allow to use data for smart utilities management,
• Automation and optimization of processes of electricity and heat generation, storage, trading, and distribution,
• Developing AI systems, machine learning, Big Data processing in the context of biogas plants, wind farms, and other energy sources management,
• Smart self-learning software for securing computer and industrial networks, and workstations (PCs, laptops, smartphones) in the context of distributed energy and industrial systems management,
• Micro mobility and EV solution for masses,
• Micro grid and energy storage solutions,


• Using telecommunications / IT solutions to increase effectiveness of companies,
• Using technology to improve data-based strategic management of the city,
• Using technology to help local administrations in making cities smarter,
• More efficient utilization of public spaces [parking lots, squares, etc.],
• Road space examination and diagnosis using innovative technologies,
• Using sharing economy solutions and apps,
• Creation of ICT platforms to meet the residents’ needs in a sustainable manner,
• Using ICT solutions in e-services and on-line tools for knowledge management,
• Smart software for building automation – energy management optimization,
• How to use IoT and related technology to achieve lower energy consumption, lower costs, better quality of life, security?
• Wireless communication technologies collecting data from various sensors,
• Data collecting, storing, and processing technologies,


How to effectively introduce and maintain new electronic forms of communication with patients, including e-prescribing, e-diagnosing, telemedicine?
• How to improving citizens health and welfare conditions through electronic platforms of data gathering and exchange using machine learning mechanisms and / or other optimization techniques?
• How automation of communication with patients and facilitating access to effective medical care through mobile solutions?
• How Improving quality of diagnosis and drugs distribution through automation and software solutions?
• How secure and effective introduce new methods of medical data storing, managing, and distributing?
• Effective and deployable mechanism for help handle „lockdown” and pandemic situation,
• Elderly focused services for better lives and hospitality, long term and remote applications,
• Scalable health care solutions for aging adults,
• New and affordable way to help people with chronic diseases,
• Health solution in area of diagnostic and help in telemedicine,
• Genome based therapy and personalized medicine,


• Open source intelligence software and techniques (OSINT),
• Identity management including security in privacy data,
• Infrastructure hardening and securing,
• Data access management and monitoring,
• IoT security and discovery,
• KYC processes and new ways of authentication and authorization (face recognition / biometrics ),
• Security and management solution for IoT area,
• Solution for cloud security – platform agnostic,
• Supporting cloud migration and service orchestration for multi-platform solution,
• Automation services/application in area of security,
• Handling news and information prioritization / verification using AI,


• Voice data classification/ recognition/ grama,
• Free text data analysis and classification,
• Image/ Streaming data processing and recognition,
• Data modeling and classification (finance trends, predictive maintenance, forecasts in energy area etc.),
• Environmental perception and behavioural modelling,
• Timeseries based analysis and modelling and classification,


• Drones, automations,
• Microsensors, optical solutions,
• On- the- edge computing/ steering/ data flows,
• Timeseries based on edge processing,


• Payments area: usage of the blockchain in payment/banking industry,
• Smart Contracts practical usage,
• Practical use cases for usage of blockchain networks (industry, fintech, energytech, health data etc.),
• Distributed apps,


• Developing (or significant improvement of already existing) innovative products and services allowing for cashless payments using existing and or new technologies: PSD2 payment solutions, cryptocurrency payment systems,
• Increasing security of electronic money circulation in order to minimize events related to cybercrime and fraud: Cryptocurrency as a secure value carrier, increasing security of transactions employing smart contracts,
• Mobile and secure solutions for payments and cashless payments acceptance: currency-agnostic payment system, seamless payment services using i.e. beacons,
• Developing innovative projects of payment system universalization in a local community, i.e. city: seamless payment services using i.e. beacons, pay-by-plate and pay-by-token solutions, autonomous retail shops,
• Developing smart payments model with secure and universal access.


• processing of waste from fuel combustion processes in the commercial power industry in order to obtain products that can be used in construction
• technologies enabling the economic use of by-products resulting from the flotation of metal ores
• innovative technologies for the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
• safe technologies for storing and securing waste that cannot be used in management processes
• solutions enabling the recovery of valuable raw materials from waste materials
• technologies for the economic use of ashes from lignite combustion and coal combustion in fluidized beds
• processing of organic waste materials and biomass combustion products


• new solutions increasing the efficiency of solar farms
• new technologies increasing the efficiency of wind farms and reducing the costs of their operation and maintenance
• technologies using hydrogen as an energy raw material
• renewable energy storage technologies
• tools for forecasting energy production from renewable sources


• technological solutions allowing for a significant improvement of currently used building materials and increasing their functional properties and improving joining technologies
• innovative material and construction solutions reducing electricity losses
• new prefabricated and modular technologies in construction
• production of materials with high thermal insulation parameters
• new solutions in the field of external and internal partitions for the construction industry
• new advanced composites and nanocomposites with enhanced parameters, in particular: construction and insulation parameters, as well as increased resistance to aging processes
• technologies of new advanced coatings and surface engineering technologies
• improvement and stabilization of quality parameters of fly ash
• new technologies to improve the quality of biomass and new technologies allowing for effective pre-treatment of biomass
• sensors and sensor networks for modeling and control of technological processes
• digital measurement systems


• solutions enabling wider and more effective use of alternative drives
• infrastructure for alternative drives enabling faster and more efficient loading or refueling
• solutions in the field of digitization/ computerization of processes dedicated to the road/ rail transport industry
• planning tools for fleet management and shipping organization
• advanced solutions in the field of fleet monitoring and management



Customer journey

• Future store – intelligent retail solutions
• How the user can enter the autonomous shop using intuitive access forms?
• How to increase the customer’s sense of security in the shop through a response mechanism and avoidance of theft and vandalism?

Shop technology

• How to make a shop self-sufficient or even a source of energy for the local community?
• How to blend autonomous nano shop into urban/small-town/rural infrastructure (e.g. connected to bus stop, outdoor cinema projector in Nano, etc.)?
• Additional services that go beyond the core business of the shop but can create value for the local community (e.g. medical devices, mailboxes, etc.)?


• How to manage large data sets from an autonomous shop?
• How to automate processes for complex shop deliveries and standards?


• How to generate easy to read conclusions for category managers in sales, pricing and marketing?
• How to create price simulations based on AI?


Fintech (including Insurtech) – solution based on big data processing, covering digital distribution and customer service channels, new interactions with clients.

Big Data:

• What type of advanced pricing methods we can use (e.g. including behavioral analysis)?
• How we can support cross-selling initiatives?
• How to increase customers’ engagement and loyalty?
• How to predict insurance incidents?
• Better business management and process efficiency improvement

Digital service channels and process digitalisation:

• How to automate and digitalise processes?
• Insurance self-service processes
• How to simplify insurance sales process?
• How to securely authenticate documents and people?
• What type of alternative distribution channels we can use?
• How we can support car drivers in all aspects of their daily life: education, car service, safety and others?
• How we can boost effectiveness by integrating big data with digital processes?
• How we can digitally support employee retention and recruitment – especially

New interactions:

• What type of services we can implement tailored to the evolving needs of individual and business clients
• Which of the new market segments we can address? What type of new relationships and touch points we can build with our clients?
• What type of additional services we can develop to support our insurance offer?
• What type of proactive actions we can take to prevent insurance incidents?

Health – telecare and telemedicine solutions, AI solutions that may be used both at patient’s home and in medical centres, innovative health & preventive solutions

Telemedicine and telecare:

• Remote- and self- diagnostics
• How can we remotely monitor patients with chronic diseases?
• How can we proactively address elderly patients’ needs?
• What type of new distribution channels we can use?
• How to make diagnostic process faster, simpler and more efficient?

Medical center care:

• How can we boost service quality in our medical centers?
• What type of solution can help our doctors and medical staff in helping our patients more effectively?
• How can we improve diagnostic and patient service processes?
• What type of solutions can support our patients in taking care about their health on daily basis?

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