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Make a Lasting Impact on the Healthcare Industry

We’re looking for startups that use technology to boost healthcare quality, accessibility, and improve treatment outcomes.

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Scale your idea and revolutionize healthcare with MIT EF CEE’s Health Tech Accelerator Program

At MIT EF CEE, we connect healthcare industry leaders with early-stage startups that have innovative ideas and are looking to scale them and get them to market.


Find a partner that can help you create a PoC and polish your innovation. Get access to guidance, mentoring, and feedback you need to scale your startup. 


Whether you’re working in education, eHealth, or using technology to tackle one of many other healthcare problems, our Accelerator Program is waiting for a startup just like yours.

Why join our Health tech Accelerator Program?

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Test Your Idea in a Real-Life Scenario

Get the opportunity to run a paid proof of concept and test your innovation in one of our partner’s facilities.

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Access Regulatory Expertise

Take advantage of your corporate partner’s resources, including access to medical, regulatory, or legal expertise that’s critical to your startup’s success.

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Work with Industry Mentors and Experts

Connect with business professionals and industry leaders. Access invaluable business & healthcare know-how and experience.

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Get Invited to an Exclusive Alumni Club

Grow your professional network with access to a unique startup ecosystem. Meet fellow founders and potential investors, and get invited to alumni-only events.

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Leverage Market Data and Insights

Get access to unique data about the healthcare industry. Use them to improve your innovative idea and gain a competitive edge.

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Reach Potential Customers

Leverage the size and network of your corporate partner and attract customers before you even officially hit the market.

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Get Up to $100K in Rewards for the Best Startups

Get a chance to secure up to $100K in AWS credits to support your cloud and infrastructure needs.

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Win a Ticket to Our Startup Expansion Week

Become the top startup of our Demo Day and win an invitation to our Startup Expansion Week in either London or Berlin.

Our corporate partners

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Novartis is a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company focused on improving human life and extending human lifespan. It’s one of the world leaders in research, investing millions in finding and testing new drugs. As of 2023, it’s performing 96 clinical tests with 1197 patients in Poland. As our partner in the Healthcare Accelerator Program, they’re looking for startups that can help solve the following challenges: 

Empower patients to become partners during a meeting with a physician. Find a way to educate them on their treatment options in the diagnostic and therapeutic process.
Offer support for patients undergoing treatment and facing serious medical conditions. Give them a platform that delivers them the knowledge they need to understand their condition, overcome concerns, and communicate with medical personnel when needed.
Help streamline the patient registration & communication process. Critical processes include appointment setting, communication, and patient data management (including test results).
Collect medical interview data before a doctor's visit while ensuring patients disclose critical medical information. Report it in a format that’s easily accessible to the doctor.

Who should apply?

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You Have an Innovative Idea in the Health Tech Industry

Your idea can help improve the productivity of health facilities and/or the experiences and lives of patients.

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Your Innovation Solves One of Our Partner’s Problems

Your product or service can help solve one of our partners’ key healthcare challenges.

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You Have at Least a Functional Prototype of Your Innovation

You have an original idea that already got market traction or that has been partially verified with at least a functional prototype.

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You’re Ready to Commercialize Your Product or Service

You’re open to working closely with one of our partners and entering into a commercialization agreement with them should they offer you one.

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    Help us transform key areas of the healthcare industry

    We’re looking for startups that can help us solve key issues in diagnostics, hospital productivity, data management, AI, health education, e-health, as well as other areas of healthcare. 


    Please keep in mind that our needs change depending on the challenges faced by our corporate partners. 


    But, if you believe that your startup can solve one of them – hit the button below and apply to join our Health Tech Accelerator Program

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    Application Guide

    Discover all you need to know to join one of our startup Accelerator Programs. Learn about the exact requirements to apply, and find key dates and documents that you need to prepare. Begin the application process, and get ready to learn and scale!

    Download Application Guide Download

    Rules & Regulations

    Learn the rules and regulations of the MIT EF CEE Startup Accelerator Programs. Find out if your startup would meet the formal criteria and is eligible to apply.

    Check the Regulations Document Check out
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    Win €25,000 CVC Young Innovator Awards for a Startup with the biggest social impact

    If one of your members is under 30 years old, and your product or service has a big social impact, you get a chance to win €25,000 towards the development of your innovation.

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    Scale your health tech startup with MIT EF CEE Acceleration Program

    Over the years, we’ve helped over 270+ startups from a variety of different industries. Apply now to become our next success story.

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