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The benefits of Online Bootcamp

Each of the top five finalists of each edition is invited to join us for our Online Bootcamp in Boston, MA USA each October.

The Online Bootcamp is a seven-day/ seven-night extravaganza of sessions within a framework designed to support your continued business growth. You will meet your mentors, industry leaders, and serial entrepreneurs while visiting some of the best incubators, co-working spaces and maker spaces in the world.

You will have opportunities to pitch from the stage in front of American investors, customers and partners followed by networking with these industry leaders. You will not only raise your profile in the community and broaden your network, but also to learn how business is done in the US.

At MIT we start over 1000 companies every year by students and our Alumni. Success is built on not just the knowledge that you get from books but also from 4 things: your heart (mindset), your head (knowledge), hands (capability) and the most important – home – that is how you build your community. Entrepreneurship can be learned, and the framework of 24 Steps provides an excellent basis for this learning. I am delighted to see the discipline with which MIT EF CEE adopted the principles of 24 steps in its acceleration program. I am convinced that startups following these principles, will be much better prepared for any adversity, and build antifragility.

Bill Aulet, the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Professor of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Every time MIT EF CEE visits Boston I find CEE startups very impressive. Many of them are interested in building a business in the US. Preparing a comprehensive GTM strategy is the key and involves all strategic components well aligned. I have been thoroughly enjoying doing the GTM workshop during the MIT EF CEE Boston Bootcamp, it is so interesting to learn about the CEE founders, their technologies and problems they are trying to solve.
I am looking forward to meeting the next batch in Boston!


Christian Magel, founder and CEO of VentureLane, serial global entrepreneur,
Christian’s major expertise is in preparing and launching Go To Market Strategy.

Bootcamp Stories

Dozens of entrepreneurs have JOINED US FOR the Boston Bootcamp, and not one has regretted the opportunity! Many have come away with new insights and opportunities. Read on to learn what the Bootcamp has been like for entrepreneurs like you.

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