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Today, like never before, we can prove that science, technology and innovation can bring about change.

The mission of our organization is to support the development of innovative solutions and entrepreneurs. In order for entrepreneurship to develop, several basic conditions must be guaranteed:

  • security
  • respect for the law
  • respect for the dignity of every human being.

Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine, is not only a real threat to the future of its citizens, but also an attack on higher values, which include the ability to develop our ideas, safety, freedom, cooperation and mutual respect.

In an act of defiance, we say loudly today – no to war. We stand with Ukraine! In this difficult time, we will support our Ukrainian friends and encourage all members of our community to do the same.

Together with our partners from the CEE startup ecosystem, we are starting to raise funds via Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH).
We encourage all of you to be part of this jointed initiative [] and show the power of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE community.

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